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Mileage Trakker

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Atlantans are burning their log books! When will your city burn theirs?
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What People Are Saying

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"Mileage Trakker has been a life saver for me. With all of the daily running around that I do to keep my business afloat from shopping to client visits, site visits to networking events etc., trying to keep track of everything the old fashion way (paper log in vehicle) just wasn’t working for me. When Ms. Spiller shared this innovative solution with me, I was immediately on board. I have to say that it has made my mileage tracking seamless. The return that I received from my taxes was huge considering the alternate way that I was filing my vehicle traffic. This is a win win for the client, the accountant and truly a time saver. I would recommend Mileage Trakker to any and every one that I run across who is in the same position. Thank you so much for simplifying my life."

Carlton Brown - Occasional Occasions by Carlton

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"I love seeing my monthly mileage report. It makes me think ‘look at all I got accomplished this month!’ Plus, it shows me how many little trips I was never recording – like going to the office supply store for ink or picking up a thank you gift for a client. Now, all these business trips are included and I will get my maximum deduction."

- Bruce Logue - Keller Williams Realty

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"When I found Mileage Trakker I thought that was a miracle for me. I no longer have to think about writing down where I’ve been, how long I’ve been there and what I was doing there. I just respond to the text message about by business purpose and Mileage Trakker sends my report –finished. I just forward it to my bookkeeper. It makes everyone happy."

- K. Torella - Team Torella Realty


Sandra Spiller

VP of Sales

After being on the cutting edge of new business development for years, this road warrior has logged hundreds of thousands of miles. Running the roads was easy; maintaining accurate mileage logs was hard. Her passion is now to simplify this onerous task and make business mileage a profitable venture for those who are “driving” the North American economy.

Michelle Alexandra

Sales Director

After attending the #1 University for Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Michelle zips onto our team to help business owners utilize this new technology to fuel their own dreams. Join her in turning business travel into money.

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