Pricing 411

Mileage Trakker DeviceWith Mileage Trakker you buy or lease the device and then there is a monthly  reporting fee.
If you purchase the Device it is $195 +GA state tax ;  Reporting fees are $22.50/mo
If you lease the Device it is $100 down; Reporting fees are $35/mo


The first year Mileage Trakker will cost you $498 (including tax, if purchased).  It will be $229 up front with the remainder being paid  over the course of the year.

The average business person drives 12,000 business miles =  approx. $6500 deduction /reimbursement.

For those claiming on their taxes, assuming a 25% Fed rate,  that is $1620 in your pocket!

(Based on our 2015 figures, this is exactly what the average Mileage Trakker who was with us for the entire year got as a deduction/reimbursement)

That’s a 325% RETURN on your investment!!

Each subsequent year, Mileage Trakker will cost you $293.00

You will still put $1620 in your pocket (assuming the standard mileage rate remains in the same range).

Now, it is a 550% return on your investment!!!


  • You will have 3rd party verified records that match IRS requirements so you have peace of mind in case of an audit. Get your money and KEEP IT! (Remember: for IRS purposes you must have: Date, Starting & Ending Location, Starting & Ending Odometer, # Miles & The Purpose of the Trip for every business trip to claim the standard mileage deduction)
  • VS recording it manually in a log book or looking trips up on MapQuest or a map service: you will save 80+ hours of your time which = $1600 (approx.) of your time which you cannot write off PLUS you will receive two more deductions on your taxes! Once again, assuming a 25% Fed tax bracket, that will put an additional $125 in your pocket year one and $73.25 each additional year.
  • You will get your maximum deduction. No need to try to “fly under the radar” because you will have contemporaneous proof of every trip.
  • If your car is ever stolen, if the device is present, you will be notified of it’s location so it can be retrieved quickly
  • NO PAPERWORK. Nothing to download, no reports to create – we do ALL your paperwork. You will receive a monthly and yearly report
  • Vs Apps: You do not have to remember to turn it on or off ( about 30% of trips are lost this way) and/or there is nothing to drain your phone battery.   Also, you have no updates to do to the software and no reports to create. There are no issues regarding what type of phone you have, what carrier you use or even if you forgot your phone at home or damaged it today.
  • We keep your data for 7 years in case you have a problem and need your reports re-sent to you.
  • You can trakk multiple businesses, volunteer miles and medical miles. We use your tags and sort out the paperwork for you.
  • Other services will be able to be run off the device (so it will be multifunctional – watch for our news on this later this year)



SO, to sum it up:

You plug in the device, we trakk  your trips, you tag them business or personal, we do your paperwork, you get and KEEP YOUR MONEY!


So, what will you do with an extra 80+ hours and $1700 (or more) a year?