Independent Business Owners

You are the chief cook and bottlewasher for your business and sometimes details fall through the cracks

how Mileage Trakker works for IB0s

So how can this save you time/money?

There are two ways the Mileage Trakker can help:

  1. Through helping you get a bigger deduction, which is 3rd party verified.
  2. By saving you time that could be spent on more profitable tasks

So if you drove the average 12,000 miles/19,000 km this year your deduction could look like this:

If you travel 12,000 miles for business:
12,000 x $0.545 = $6540 deduction
If you travel 19,000 km for business:
5,000 km X $0.55 + 14,000 km X $0.49 = $9610 deduction
You can deduct the expense of the device and reports, which you can’t do with your time

And at a base rate of $20/hr

If your time is worth $20/hr
$20.00x 80 hrs = $1600

We’ve found that, on average, business owners spend 80 hours a year tracking and processing their mileage.
But No More!.

With Mileage Trakker they are now receiving a 200-500% return on their investment each year!

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Please consult with your accountant/tax preparer to determine exactly what you and/or your company is allowed to write off for mileage.