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No matter if you are reimbursed or claiming your own mileage, you are likely leaving money on the table!


If your employer reimburses you:

We find that an average sales rep spends 80 hours a year on tracking their mileage.
If you’re on commission, that’s time for another sale.
You often record off-company time, which means it could be more time to spend on yourself.
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If you claim your mileage on your taxes:

The IRS is offering $0.545/mi in 2018. Revenue Canada is offering $0.55 for the 1st 5,000 km and $0.49/km thereafter. Most sales reps will travel 10,000 miles/16,000 km or more in a year.
This is approximately $5450 USD or $8140 Cdn in deductions every year.
You can only claim these deductions with a beginning and ending location, mileage and a purpose for all trips.
It’s time consuming to write down every trip or turn on an app every time you enter the car.
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Mix of Both

Did you know that if you drive more miles than your employer reimburses, in some cases, you can claim them on your taxes?
Get reports that will satisfy both your employer and the IRS/Revenue Canada without the headache of constantly recording individual trips by hand.
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In all of these cases Mileage Trakker can help you stop wasting time and get paid quickly.

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Please consult with your accountant/tax preparer to determine exactly what you and/or your company is allowed to write off for mileage.