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Mileage Trakker is a device designed to track your miles from


Every trip you make is captured and stored on our servers.


Tagging per trip is easy.  Each trip is sent to you either via text or email

Just pick Business or Personal


Select a business and give it a purpose


Then every month get a report!


The IRS and Revenue Canada requires you to have a starting and ending location, mileage and a purpose for every business trip in order to claim you deduction. For the 2015 year, the IRS is offering $0.575 and Revenue Canada is offering $0.55 for the 1st 5,000 km and $0.49 for the remaining km. Let us do the record keeping for you!

It’s Easy!

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Please consult with your accountant/tax preparer to determine exactly what you and/or your company is allowed to write off for mileage.