Financial Planners – Mileage Trakker is a great return on investment

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Your life is full of client appointments.  You are always heading out to meet with someone to help them make smart choices with the money they earn. You become your clients’ financial partner – keeping an eye on their investments to make sure they are getting the returns they should. You study investments to know the options and you help your clients find tax breaks, insurance and investments with good returns for their stage of life.  You take continuing education classes and head to networking events to make more contacts.

Your car is really racking up the miles.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner that is making sure those miles bring you the right return?  Let Mileage Trakker be that partner.  While you focus on your clients and having the right knowledge to help them, let us make sure you have the right mileage log to recoup a good portion of the money you invest in driving to your appointments.  With the government offering you 0.575 cents/mi . U.S.  and 0.55 cents/km for the 1st 5,000 km and 0.49 cents/km for the remaining km in Canada, that can be a really great return!

Considering the average business person drives 12,000 business miles/year  (19,000 km/yr), that equates to a $6,900 deduction U.S. ($9,600 Cdn) on your taxes (approx.).   At the 25% fed bracket that could bring you $1750 U.S.  ($2100 Cdn at the 22% bracket) back –just at the federal level.

However, what if having the right records to claim your maximum deduction actually dropped you a whole tax bracket?  Then what would those miles be worth to you?  Mileage Trakker makes sure you have a record of every mile driven so you can tag every mile that you could claim.   You can now take that extra money in your pocket and re-invest it in something you recommend to your clients—following your own advice and increasing your own net worth.   Now that’s smart thinking.

Mileage Trakker… one of your better investments.

Mileage Trakker Device

Just plug the Mileage Trakker device into your vehicle and drive away. There is nothing to turn on or off. You just drive as usual. We now trakk every trip you make. All you have to do is tag the trips business or personal and for the business trips add in a business purpose. It’s EASY, and it’s quick. Then, we add in the tags and Do The Report For You! We can even trakk volunteer miles and medical miles too which could represent more money to you.

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