Pricing 411

THE EASIEST WAY TO PUT $1500 (OR MORE) IN YOUR POCKET With Mileage Trakker you buy or lease the device and then there is a monthly  reporting fee. If you purchase the Device it is $195 +GA state tax ;  Reporting fees are $28.50/mo If you lease the Device it is $115 down; Reporting fees […]

The Case of the Missing Log Book

Hand written Mileage Log Book

“It’s down to the wire…. to get those corporate taxes done. Mileage, you remember from last year could be your biggest deduction. You run out to your car…only to find yourself in…     You know you had it tucked in the side pocket of the driver’s door. You know you did write down some mileage […]

Meet the 1,000,000th Mile Driver!

Picture of Ellen Hill with S.Spiller

  MEET ELLEN HILL A realtor with Berkshire Hathaway East Cobb in Marietta, GA, Ellen went into real estate two years ago after having been an interior decorator. This is a great benefit to her real estate clients as she can help them showcase their home to its best advantage. She also works hard for […]


Picture of connecting puzzle pieces

GUEST POST BY: G. SPILLER –     The first long distance communication link was actually digital. The telegraph replaced flags, smoke signals and mirrors as the first reliable long distance link. My dad’s best friend was a HAM radio enthusiast who worked for NASA. As a young child, I remember watching a teletypewriter […]


Computer monitor with 1s and 0s

GUEST POST BY G. SPILLER – kludge [klooj] noun – Computer Slang 1. a software or hardware configuration that, while inelegant, inefficient, clumsy, or patched together, succeeds in solving a specific problem or performing a particular task. *definition from Whoever came up with this term must have been assigned to marry legacy IoT (Internet […]

Sales Reps… Are You Being Robbed?

Hand taking money bag

W2 Sales Reps: You are out on the road, day after day, lining up those sales for your company. Your car is full of Starbucks cups and drive through food wrappings. You feel like you live in your car –and you certainly are racking up the miles. Are you getting your proper reimbursement, though? Did […]

6 Hillarious Ways To Track Mileage

Mileage Recorded on Hand

When I am out meeting independent business owners or 1099 (independent) sales reps, I always ask “How do you keep track of your mileage?”  Specifically, I am enquiring of those people who are using their personal vehicle and are planning on taking the standard mileage deduction. Of course there are the more common answers:  the […]